Garibalda cushion - Premium Collection

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Image of Garibalda cushion - Premium Collection

Garibalda model is based on a traditional pattern from Chiprovtsi region.

« Kanatitsa » is the white figure in the center of the composition, as well as one of the most typical figures of the Chiprovtsi region. Legends say it has strong magical powers and it has for sure one of the most complex symbolic meanings in kilim rugs ornamentation. It means a « wing » and represents protection, brings good luck and prosperity.

The face of the cushion is handwoven kilim and the back is natural cotton.

Colors : black and white.

Each cushion is unique with slight differences due to manual manufacturing process.

Dimensions : approximately 40X40 cm
Removable slipcover
Filling : 100% polyester
Care instructions : Wash with a natural mild soap, rinse with cold water, let dry in the shade. Never machine wash.

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