One of the most representative traditional Bulgarian crafts is weaving woolen rugs or kilims.

Kilims are traditionally woven on imposing vertical looms and have two identical faces - according to the legend - one face for the first 100 years of use, and the other - for the following 100. Bulgarian kilim rugs are indeed renowned for their quality and durability. The natural fiber provides superior comfort - the thermoregulatory properties of wool help retain heat in winter and cool in summer. Kilims are thus enjoyable in any season - but beyond the practical purpose - they give each home a true soul.

kotel weaving

vitoshka collection

Kotel Kilim.

Authentic patterns of some of the traditional models of the Kotel region in Bulgaria have inspired Vitoshka's first collection.  

NEW : Chiprovtzi kilim Premium collection by Vitoshka.

Chiprovtzi is a small town in North-Western Bulgaria renowned for its hand-woven rugs – the typical craftsmanship of this region. Compared to the Kotel region kilim rugs, this is a more complex weaving technique and the rendering is a thinner fabric with a tighter mesh. 

Thus the tradition of kilim rug-making in Chiprovtsi was Inscribed in 2014 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Vitoshka launches its very new Chiprovtsi Premium collection inspired by some of the oldest patterns of this region and hand woven there in our partners’ workshops. Our first model is our version of the ancient Garibalda pattern : graphic and contemporary. 

Vitoshka kilim rugs are hand woven by experienced weavers using traditional ancient technique in our partners' workshops in Bulgaria.
Every kilim is unique and it is the result of concentrated, patient handicraft; thus our S size kilim of 1.60m x 1m takes at least 1 month to be produced !


As an extension of our collection of kilims but in a different form, the Vitoshka cushions have a kilim fabric face and remind of the kilims' motives.

jeravna kilim cushion

vitoshka kilim cushion


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